Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello all,

Things have been progressing on the new doghouse. Mom says it will seem like nothing is happening because they have to do things that go in the ground. This week they did the plumbing. You can see all of the stub ups in this picture. The stub ups are those white post looking things. They are in the kitchen and both bathrooms. Mom and Aunt Bec walked around checking the locations. They both said how small the area looks when there are no walls. When Aunt Bec's house was at this stage, she used a tape measure to make sure everything was big enough ... it was.

Here is another picture of the stub ups. They aren't very exciting but they do indicate progress! If you look at the right side of the picture, you can just see the corner of Aunt Bec's house. The garage and storage building is behind the trees in the middle of the picture. Mom says she is going to have to do something about those trees - or at least something about the scruffy part of those trees.

And, while we are talking about plumbing, the builders brought a lovely addition to the landscape. Mom drove up on Wednesday night and this is what she saw -- well, sort of, it was dark when she drove up and it is daylight in this picture. People are so silly. If the grass is good enough for us ...

Okay, that's all for now. Maybe Mom will get out there and take some super-exciting close up shots of those pipes. We are sure that the possibility has you too excited for words.

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Lorenza said...

Progress! I like that!
You are right. With no walls it does not look very big, but I guess it is only an optical ilussion!
Those small blue boxes are funny, right?
I have seen one of those near my house!
Kisses and hugs