Monday, November 22, 2010


It has been a busy week. We have been barking at the guys building our doghouse almost every day! It looks like they stand around a lot so we tell them to get busy or we will get mean. We can tell they are afraid of us because they eventually get back to work.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures where you can see the whole foundation. The first picture starts from the front of the house which is on the left and the second picture shows the back which is on the right.

The low part on the left is the front porch. Next comes the dining room which Mom has already said we are not allowed to enter. Can you believe that? It is our doghouse and she is making part of it off-limits? We know we have mentioned it before but it just really makes us want to pee when she makes rules like that! Anyway, next you can see where there is a part sticking out toward you. That is the breakfast room. You can't really see it but next toward the back is the utility room which will have a special dachshund length sink in it for torturing us with baths. Then there is a little back porch.

Our doghouse will have lots and lots of porch space. Mom took pictures of it so you can see. It is the section that is a couple of inches lower than the rest of the foundation. You can see that it goes all the way across the front of the house. The part closest to you is 8 feet deep (from the front edge to the wall of the house) and the part farther away is 10 feet deep.

This is the porch from the other side. It wraps around the house a little bit. The part of the house with the porch on two sides is the family/living room. This section of the porch is a little over 7 feet deep. In case you are wondering, that is Aunt Bec's house in the background.

This smaller piece of porch is off of our bedroom. It is going to be screened in so Mom can sit on it most of the year and no matter what the weather is like. It will be a little warmer in winter and a little cooler in summer. It is also on the south side of the house so it won't get the cold north wind. This porch is a little over 8 feet deep.

Finally, just so you don't think we are going to live on big block of concrete, here is the first shipment of building supplies. They will use this to build the frame. We don't know if you can see the boards on the top that are green but those are called "green board" and they have a special treatment so they can be used in bathrooms and other areas where there will be exposure to dampness.

Well, that is all so far. Next time we will probably be able to show you the framing. It still won't look like much of a house until they get some walls up.

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Lorenza said...

I am sure all that barking is making them work faster!
The foundation looks pawesome!
The houses here are made of brick and concrete block. No wood or drywall. Hmmm.... we are soooo boring!
I can't wait for the next part!
Kisses and hugs