Friday, October 29, 2010

The Doghouse Site Before Anything

Hey, sorry we didn't post the site pictures last night. Mom didn't realize the card reader was at the other house. Fortunately, Aunt Bec went over there today and picked it up for Mom to use. That just shows you how long it has been since she has posted any pictures!

This is a picture of from the front of where our new doghouse will be. You will be looking at the front of the doghouse after it is built if you stand in the same place where Mom was standing when she took this picture. Yes, those trees are going away. It may seem a shame but those are junk trees and there are lots of other trees to admire.

This is the site of our new doghouse from the left. That smaller tree on the left is about where the front of the porch will be. The big tree in the middle is about where the dining room will be. We have issues about the dining room because we found out Mom is putting up French doors so we can see in but we can't get in. Something about dog pee and her good dining room furniture keeping the good stuff for herself.

This is a picture of our back yard from the back of the doghouse. All of those trees are staying. We should have lots of squirrels to chase. Mom says she likes the trees but she might not be so fond of them when it comes time to cut the grass in the back yard!

Well, that's about it for now. Mom got the paperwork to get water and electricity set up. We know you just can't wait to see the water meter (barking so hard we are going to pee).

And for good measure, here is a picture of some cows - the neighbors.

And here is a pretty picture of Grandma's wisteria vine when it was blooming last Spring.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Construction Loan is Signed!!

Mom signed the construction loan papers yesterday! They are coming out to clear the pad space on Monday! Mom took a picture of the spot before any work is done. We will add that to this entry tonight. Now Mom has to pick out colors and fixtures and whatever else people think is important to make a doghouse comfy for humans. All we can say is that there better be a place for our kibble.

We have to rest our voices. Since we are staying with Aunt Bec right now and we are building our doghouse next to hers, we will be able to watch everything the builders do. And you know we will have to tell them to hurry up or watch out or any number of things so they do it right!