Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Almost a House!

We cannot believe how much they have done since our last post! We had a foundation with some pipes sticking up and then they started putting up framing! This is looking toward the front of the house. They started off just framing the house so the part sticking out in front is the porch.

This is the view out through the front windows from the den/living room. We are pretty sure the extra wood crossing in front will be gone. Those boards are to support the frame. Mom is getting diamond polished concrete floors (sort of like acid stained concrete floors only less maintenance), so the support beams are not supposed to be nailed into the concrete. If you look, you can see where the supports are nailed to other pieces of wood.

This is a view from outside of the house looking through where the side windows will be for the den/living room. The doorway just inside the window leads to our bedroom.

This is a picture looking into the doggie bedroom from the side porch window. The door to the right leads to the bathroom. There is a doorway at the back of the bedroom that leads to our enclosed porch.

The next day, they finished framing the porches and put up some boards along the outside!

Mom and Aunt Bec went to Houston to see the family for Thanksgiving. Aunt Bec, the good, kind, considerate and responsible dog owner, came home to feed us. Mom spent the night in Houston so she could watch her college football team play a game. (The game was aired on a channel we don't get out here yet.) When Mom drove up on Friday afternoon, this is what she saw ...

In the picture below, you are looking at the back corner of the house. The part on the right (in the shade) is the back of the house. The first thing is the porch off of the utility room. Then there are two bedrooms (with paper on them) and finally the enclosed (screened in) porch attached to our bedroom. Going to the left from the corner is the porch, the utility room with the little window, the breakfast room with the big window, the dining room (with the paper on it) and the front porch.

This picture shows you the front of the house with the porch. The part closest to you is the dining room and the rest of it is the den/living room. This is pretty much the same shot as the first picture in this post but with a lot more house to see!

This is also the front of the house but from the other side. You can also see how the porch wraps around. The wall where the porch ends is the bedroom. There will be a window there. In fact, that is the window you looked through in a picture earlier in this entry.

This is the work they had finished up on Friday. Mom didn't even make it over there to see what they did yesterday. We are going to tell her to get out there and take more pictures. We want to be able to see all of the things that are getting finished. Since she won't let us go over there to check, we have to depend up on her!


Lorenza said...

They are working super fast!
I can't believe it!
More... more... more....
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Lacy said...

woofs, wow, they sure are fast...wont be long now.

b safe,