Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look What We Had One Week Ago!

We had some of our outside walls a week ago but Mom took the pictures in the morning and then went to work. She kept forgetting to bring the camera into the house. Once she got into the house, she didn't want to go back out to get it because it was cold. Can you hear her whining about that? Does she think we care that she might be a little cold? Do we complain when it is cold and we have to go outside? Wait - don't answer that.

Anyway, the builders started putting the walls on the house last week. The outside looks like wood but it is Hardi-plank (or something like that) which is a cement product formed to look like wood. It is good product to use when you live somewhere with lots of termites. Termites eat wood but they don't eat cement. When it got dark, the builders stopped and said they would be back when the windows came in. So part of the house has walls and part has the wrap that goes around the house. Mom thinks that "wrap" might be to help keep moisture out but she isn't sure.

While Mom was out taking pictures, one of the neighbor ladies came by. Mom took a picture of her. We would have barked.

We made Mom get her camera and make an entry because they started putting in windows today. Mom isn't sure if they are all in or not because she didn't want to walk around there at 8:00 at night, in the dark and in ... are you ready for this ... the cold.

The house looks yellow but that is the color of the of the Hardi-plank. Mom picked out a green color for the house with a creamy white color for the trim. She said there is so much red clay out here that she wanted something that wouldn't immediately look dirty. She refuses to have an orange house which would really hide the clay so she had to pick something else.

As soon as she can get pictures of the new windows ... and brings the camera into the house ... we will show them to you.

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