Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foundation Work and Neighbors

Hey everyone!

The builder finished clearing the area where we are putting the new doghouse. Then he hauled in a lot of dirt. There were piles all over but Mom didn't get any pictures of them. She got home late and the dirt guy was here early the next morning and was spreading everything around before she could get out there with her camera. Here is a picture of the dirt when she got home. This is the side view.

This is the front view. The pile of lumber on the right was for the foundation frame. The yellow building in the back is Mom and Aunt Bec's garage and storage.

This morning we got up and Mom was laughing because the neighbors came over and were using the front porch even before she got to step on it! As you can see, the foundation is framed. The builder called Mom yesterday to ask where she wanted the septic system. (We are out in the country so we don't tie into a city sewer system.) Anyway, Mom is going to see if the system can go on the left side of the house. Mom also needs to settle on a color for the doghouse because the builder wants to paint the siding before he puts the roof on. Mom says there are so many decisions to make!

Mom went out later to take a better picture of the foundation frame. Here it is.


Lorenza said...

The very first works! I like it!
Are the cows doing a good snoopervising job??
Kisses and hugs

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Love it!! I've got my bags packed. How far away is March?