Monday, July 23, 2007

The Views

Not much has happened since our last entry. The architect told us he would have something for us by the end of the week but that was two weeks ago. Mom and Aunt Bec are trying to be patient but they have been hanging around us for so long, they don't know how to be patient. We told you that Mom had some friends in town last week. On Monday, while the man friend was in a long meeting, she and the lady friend drove to see the land. Mom took her camera and took some pictures from the building site. This is basically what we will see when we look to the north:

The east:

The southeast:

And the southwest:

Since there will be a big grove of trees to the west, Mom didn't take that picture. As you can see, there is nothing but nature (and some cowdogs) around there. We really, really hope we have something interesting to show you soon though blueprints and talking to builders probably won't be interesting. We need to break ground and start seeing some real action!!

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Ricky Pepper said...

That land looks like a doggie heaven! My mommy says she wishes someday to be able to live in a place like that where we can play in the fields!