Sunday, March 2, 2008

Things are Changing ...

Mom and Grandpaw were up at the country house on Thursday and Grandpaw found some builders for Mom and Aunt Bec! They need to interview with them but they all came with a good recommendation - a realtor who is married to a very distant cousin (they all share the same great-great-great-great grandparents). Grandpaw said he would help if Mom and Aunt Bec want him too. We know that he wants to make sure they don't get treated wrong.

Mom and Aunt Bec have not heard from the architect in over a month. They are starting to get a little worried about him. Aunt Bec called his cell phone and it wasn't in service anymore! Mom even checked the obituaries but she didn't see his name. Aunt Bec left a message on his voice mail at his office and they hope to hear from him soon.

Since they haven't heard from the architect, they are going to talk to some of the builders Grandpaw found and look at plans they have built before. Maybe Mom and Aunt Bec will like two of those so much, they decide to build them. The builders would probably like that better too. Mom and Aunt Bec will still be able to customize their houses a little.

So, even though we haven't broken ground yet, things are happening. Mom says she would really like for the house to be finished this summer so she can move in and let Grandma and Grandpaw have their house back and they can come out to the country all of the time.

We are just glad we are moving to the country where we can bark almost all that we want. Mom says not ALL that we want because she doesn't want us to bark all of the time in the house. Mom can be so silly sometimes!


Pippa said...

Oh your new space sounds so good. I am waiting to read lots more news.


Lorenza said...

So sorry about that architect. Things happen for a reason. I hope your mom will be happy with the other people building the house.
Kisses and hugs